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Dear Friends,

For over forty years, NYPIRG’s dual mission of fighting for the public interest while nurturing student and community activists has had a huge impact. Superfund cleanups, Bottle Bills, the fracking ban, billions for mass transit, enhanced college aid, new consumer protections, registering voters, and hammering away for more government accountability have been hallmarks of NYPIRG’s work.

NYPIRG's alumni are a testament to our impact on young people’s lives. Each of us has been changed by our NYPIRG experiences, and these changes have both made our lives richer and empowered us to advocate more effectively for the public good.

NYPIRG's current work is organized around three major themes:

1. Combatting the worldwide threat of climate change: Unless we succeed in thwarting the fossil fuel industry and developing non-carbon energy policies, millions will suffer. And those who will suffer most are those in the world’s poorest nations — the people who have contributed the least to global warming and are most vulnerable to a changing climate. NYPIRG has fought hard to block the expanded exploitation of fossil fuels. If our work is successful, New York will offer a model for the nation by modernizing its energy grid while increasing efficiency, relying on renewable energy, and keeping costs affordable.

2. Being part of the national movement to combat inequality: The festering gap in equality of opportunity has widened into a chasm. We must champion programs that remove obstacles to college and eradicate unfair and predatory financial policies that result in higher costs for consumers. NYPIRG’s unique brand of advocacy will be vital in the effort to advance these reforms.

3. Leading the fight to strengthen and expand our democracy: From easing voter registration requirements, to demanding enhanced ethical standards for public officials, to opening up government to those who it is supposed to serve, NYPIRG will be at the forefront of the fight to enhance New York’s democratic principles.

With your continued involvement, you can help NYPIRG fulfill its crucial mission. I look forward to working with you. Thank you for your help!

Blair Horner
Executive Director

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