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Dear Friends:
Our November 10th NYPIRG Friends Happy Hour Event was a great success thanks to you! It was wonderful to see you, and thank you so much for your generous help and support along the way.
With your sustained support, NYPIRG will continue to drive public attention to the key issues of the day and have a real and positive impact on policy — from environmental protection, to consumer rights, to higher education affordability, to corruption in government, and so much more.
In one year's time, NYPIRG played a critical role in many fights that have led to major victories for the public interest, and we will continue to fight!
  • New York State stopped its policy of annually increasing tuition charged at its public colleges.
  • Schools’ drinking water will be tested for lead as a result of New York’s first-in-the-nation requirement.
  • The state has pledged to spend billions to finance New York City’s mass transit system.
  • NYPIRG registered over 27,000 new voters and ran a voter helpline that garnered significant media attention and helped voters in need.
  • We worked to bolster the state's efforts to stop the oil industry from continuing to lie to the American public about what it knows about climate change.
  • New York has pledged to meet 50 percent of its electricity demand through power generated by solar, wind, and other alternative energy sources by the year 2030.
  • NYPIRG helped launch a major campaign to stop the state’s $7.6 billion bailout of the nuclear power industry
  • We teamed up with older adults to get millennials engaged in policies to promote retirement financing.
  • NYPIRG is developing a new drinking water quality project and new programs to combat persistent hunger and housing problems among college students.
  • We hosted the New York State Attorney General as our keynote speaker at the NYPIRG Fall Conference.
  • NYPIRG continues to recruit and train another generation of civic-minded activists.
Of course, for all of this, the support of our alumni and friends is crucial. Now more than ever, we need your assistance as we grow NYPIRG bigger and better. Please make your generous, tax-deductible contribution today to help us keep fighting and winning.
Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon!

Blair Horner
Executive Director

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