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2015 was the hottest year in recorded history, as 2014 was before it. There is no longer a credible debate about climate change — it is the most pressing environmental, public health, economic, and social justice issue facing our planet. It causes extreme weather that brings more intense and frequent heat waves, severe droughts, heavier rainfall, dangerous flooding, and outbreaks of deadly disease. Melting ice masses cause rising sea levels, putting coastal populations in jeopardy. Governments, businesses, communities, advocates, and concerned individuals must step up to tackle this unprecedented threat.

The time to act is now! NYPIRG is advocating for an energy plan that relies on efficiency and renewable energy over polluting fossil fuels — more clean wind and solar power means that we can keep dirty coal and natural gas in the ground!

Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is New York's core initiative to fight climate change by restructuring how electric power is generated, transmitted, and consumed. REV will profoundly affect consumers, businesses, and utilities. Through implementing one of the most ambitious climate plans in the nation, New York's leadership can shape both United States and world policy.

Submit your comment on Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)

Participate in this historic opportunity to shape a clean, renewable, affordable energy future through REV by sending a comment to the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) today.

The REV initiative recognizes that New York's existing energy model is unsustainable and that the long-term environmental and public health degradation caused by continued reliance on antiquated technology requires a wholesale transformation of the state's energy systems.

The PSC, using its regulatory and ratemaking authority, has recommended reforming the regulatory structure governing the state's power producing and energy delivering utilities. A new system could better accommodate customers, incorporate more renewable power (which must not include nuclear power), and include energy efficiency, demand response, clean distributed generation, smart technologies, community aggregation, and microgrids.

What should REV include?

New York must prioritize affordability and "Make REV REAL": Renewable, Equitable, Accountable, and Local.


  • In order to meet New York's goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030, the state must invest in solar and offshore wind.
  • New York must say NO to dirty coal, new natural gas infrastructure, and dangerous nuclear energy.
  • Affordability! Maximize efficiency as the most "renewable" resource, which also lowers energy bills. New York must beat its goal to meet 23% of projected 2030 demand through efficiency.
  • New York must meet an 80% reduction in climate pollution by 2050.


  • Affordability! REV must remove the barriers to low-income community participation.
  • Ensure that urban areas and rental and multi-family housing have access to affordable renewable energy.


  • Police energy service companies to protect consumers.
  • Affordability! Help consumers comparison shop, provide unbiased summaries of services and save people money.
  • Require annual REV Report Cards to track state progress.


  • Boost community-based renewable generation and storage.
  • Maximize public participation — community choice aggregation programs (communities pooling their buying power) and shared renewables depend on local engagement.

Public participation is critical to ensuring that REV moves New York State away from reliance on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels and instead to a system based on renewable energy.

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