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Action Alert!

Act now — before it’s too late.


Call Governor Cuomo and tell him to reject fracking!

What’s the current status?

Despite persistent calls for increased study from medical experts, environmental groups and community members, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEC) are poised to allow fracking in New York State. Their plan will likely phase in fracking through much of five counties in New York State's Southern Tier starting next year. Unfortunately, the plan fails to protect public health and the environment and will have devastating and lasting impacts on our state.

Most notably, the Governor's plan:

  • does not assess public health impacts, despite growing evidence of health risks
  • fails to employ new monitoring or inspection staff at the DEC despite their own admission that they do not have the resources to oversee fracking
  • shamefully classifies fracking wastewater as “medical waste” instead of “hazardous waste,” sparing the industry the cost of more stringent disposal standards
  • does not ban the use of toxic chemicals
  • allows drilling waste to be sent to treatment plants that are not designed to handle water laden with toxic chemicals
  • does not account for the impacts that fracking vehicles — which, in terms of sheer wear and tear to roads, are each equivalent to 9,000 passenger cars — will have on infrastructure
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