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How is the price determined?
The FBG price is tied directly to the wholesale price of heating oil. Therefore, as the wholesale price drops so does the Fuel Buyers Group price. In this way members are shielded from the“sticky price phenomenon”, whereby retail prices do not drop immediately following a wholesale or crude oil price decrease. With NYPIRG the savings are passed on immediately to the consumer.

Why would an oil company want to do this?
The oil company benefits by decreased marketing costs. These savings are then passed on to NYPIRG Fuel Buyers Group participants. This way they are still making a profit, but consumers benefit as well.

Are these oil companies reliable?
NYPIRG only contracts with reputable full-service oil companies who are responsible for oil deliveries and service contracts. Before we contract with an oil company, we check that company with the local consumer affairs office to be sure there are no problems.

What if my boiler breaks down?
All of the companies we contract with offer full-service contracts. A standard contract covers parts and labor, annual tune-up and cleaning and vacuuming, as well as emergency service.

I became a member of NYPIRG when a canvasser came to my door. Do I have to pay another $30 to join the Fuel Buyers Group?
No. NYPIRG membership consists of a tax-deductible contribution of $30 or more. Fuel Buyers Group is a NYPIRG program that NYPIRG members can participate in.

Can you bring me a delivery of 200 gallons today?
No. We are not an oil company. We don’t deliver oil. If you’re already a member, you need to call the oil company to which you’ve been assigned. If you want to join, and need oil right away, we can try to speed up the sign-up process, but same-day delivery is not possible.

When will you come to clean my boiler?
It won't be the Fuel Buyers Group who cleans your boiler. You will call the oil company assigned to you to arrange the tune and clean.

I’m a member of the Fuel Buyers Group from Long Island. My friend lives in Westchester and is also a member, but we pay different prices for our heating oil. What’s going on?
NYPIRG negotiates with local oil companies in your area. Our agreements vary from company to company, so the price with your company wouldn’t necessarily be the same as the price of that a member with a different company.

I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income. Is there any kind of discount for me?
Yes, Senior citizens (aged 62 and over) can join NYPIRG for $20.

I told all my friends and family about NYPIRG Fuel Buyers Group, and many of them joined. Do I get any credit?
Yes. For every new member that you refer, we will waive one year’s membership. So in theory, if you refer 25 friends, and they join, you won’t have to pay your membership for 25 years.