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NYPIRG’s Fuel Buyers Group uses group buying power to bring you big savings on your energy costs. With thousands of participants statewide and close to 40 years of experience, we negotiate with local energy providers to get our members discounted rates on home heating oil, natural gas, and electricity.

At the Fuel Buyers Group, we only work with reputable local energy companies that offer high quality products and services at special NYPIRG member prices, and that have courteous and knowledgeable staff members in every department.

NYPIRG is also a leader in the fight for energy conservation measures and consumer protection legislation. New participants make us even stronger. Homeowners are our most common participants but we can work with accounts of any size — from studio apartments to hospitals — and we'd be happy to come speak to your local civic or religious association about the benefits of participating in the Group.

Current Prices by Service Area

Products & Services

Heating Oil

In the decades that the NYPIRG Fuel Buyers Group has been working in the public interest — we have saved thousands of consumers millions of dollars on their heating bills! The Group contracts only with reputable local oil companies that offer comprehensive service contracts and budget plans as well as convenient automatic deliveries. And the average price per gallon for a Fuel Buyers Group member is 20 — 40 cents below full retail prices! In many areas of the state we also offer capped prices to help protect our members against rising costs. Member prices are tied directly to the wholesale market so they rise and fall automatically — not when the delivery company wants them to — and at the Fuel Buyers Group we track prices independently to make sure you always get the right price. To find more detailed pricing information by region — please click HERE.

Natural Gas

Consumers have faced higher natural gas prices in recent years, but the NYPIRG's Fuel Buyers Group has been using its collective buying power to bring members savings of up to 10% a year. With the deregulation of the natural gas industry the actual cost of natural gas has been separated from the cost of its delivery, allowing consumers the opportunity to shop around for a better price. As the market has grown, the number of energy service companies — and often their aggressive sales tactics — has become overwhelming for many consumers. The Fuel Buyers Group helps to alleviate the situation by choosing companies with great customer service, fair prices, and a variety of pricing plans to help members save money while working with a company they can trust.


Consumers are using more and more electricity every day as our reliance on the devices that power our lives grows. Unfortunately, this is also zapping our wallets. At the same time, the electricity marketplace has grown more complicated. Since the deregulation of the electricity industry the actual cost of the electricity generated has been separated from the cost of its transmission, allowing consumers the opportunity to shop around for a better price. The Fuel Buyers Group takes the guess work out of choosing a company by only working with energy service companies who have great customer service, fair prices, and a variety of pricing plans to help members save money while working with a company they can trust. And we can also save you about 7% on your bill!

How to Join

To join, please complete and return your application to NYPIRG along with the annual, tax-deductible membership contribution of $30 ($20 for senior citizens).

To speed the process, you can call NYPIRG directly to fill out an application via fax or email and charge your contribution to a credit card. If you are already a member of NYPIRG, just complete the application. Also, if you refer a friend to us and they join, your next year’s membership will be waived.

Once NYPIRG receives the application, you will be assigned to a participating local energy company (note: you can only remain with your present company if it is one of the companies with which we contract). For heating oil — please allow 3 business days from our receipt of your application for NYPIRG Fuel Buyers Group and the oil company to set up your account. If you need an immediate delivery, please call us at (800) 695-4645 to find out how soon you could receive one. Electricity and natural gas applications must be received by the 15th of the month to take effect for the next billing cycle, otherwise it will take effect on the following bill. Please contact us by email at fbg@nypirg.org or call us at (800) 695-4645 with any questions about the application process.

Click HERE to fill out our online application.

Or, download a printable application here:

Did You Know?

  • If you refer someone to the Fuel Buyers Group and they join — you get the next year’s contribution waived! This offer is unlimited so send us 10 people and get 10 free years. Some energy companies we work with provide further incentives for referrals as well.
  • One membership in the Fuel Buyers Group allows you to list as many properties and products as you like, as long as you own them. Want to participate with an oil account in Brooklyn and a gas and electric account on the North Fork? No probem — your tax deductible $30 donation covers it all!
  • You can sign up for more than one product for your home. For example, if you’re already a participant in the oil program, why not add your cooking gas and electric charges to the account? It’s still one membership contribution and you can save even more.
  • When you participate with a Group provider we will act as your advocate in the rare case any billing or service problems arise with the company we refer you to. We can also help you select a service contract, change your delivery schedule, or set up a budget plan.
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