Health and Patient Rights

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From helping New Yorkers protect themselves from skyrocketing drug prices and toxic chemicals, to advocating for visitors’ access to loved ones in the hospital, to ensuring accessibility to high quality and affordable medical care, NYPIRG takes on a broad range of topics to protect patient health.

NYPIRG’s health and patient rights work is currently focused on empowering healthcare consumers by:

  • Eliminating barriers to family support presence and participation in hospitals. Improving the opportunities for patients and their chosen family caregivers or trusted support persons to participate in and be active partners in care; ensuring a more supportive environment for the patient while in the hospital; making it easier for patients to keep track of health care information and decisions needed; and improving the transition from hospital to home or other care environments.
  • Preventing Medical Errors. The National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine has documented that a staggering number of patient injuries and deaths result from poor quality medical care in hospitals. Two decades after this report, policymakers will continue to grapple with meeting the state’s goal of cutting the number of medical errors in half over the next few years. NYPIRG will push proposals to better identify hospitals’ medical outcomes, reduce prescription errors, better monitor office-based surgeries, ensure that providers’ medical skills are continually evaluated, and hold hospitals and physicians legally accountable for the care they deliver.
  • Supporting Health Insurance for All. Many of New York State’s 2.5 million previously-uninsured received relief through implementation of federal health care reform. Changes by the federal government have put those gains at risk. The state should begin to examine additional measures to help those left out of the coverage, including a system of “single payer” health insurance.
  • Bolstering Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention. Each year in New York, thousands of children are newly identified as “lead poisoned,” having high levels of lead in their blood, indicating they are likely to suffer permanent IQ loss and other health problems. There is no treatment for lead poisoning; prevention is the only way to address the lead poisoning epidemic. NYPIRG will push the state to fully implement programs for safer lead paint remediation practices, better primary prevention, improved childhood lead screening and financial support for property owners to clean up lead problems.
  • Fighting Cancer. Despite raising $2.6 billion in tobacco revenues, New York State has been systematically dismantling its program to help smokers to quit and to keep kids from starting this deadly addiction. NYPIRG continues to urge that the state’s tobacco control program be funded at levels consistent with recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, NYPIRG continues to advocate for free cancer screening for those without health insurance and pushes to protect the public from the dangers posed by indoor tanning facilities.
  • Protecting Public Health Funding. In addition to the cuts to the tobacco control program, other important public health measures have faced budget threats. These life-savings programs must be bolstered by new state support.
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