Jobs for the Environment – Climate Activists

Apply now to work on the largest grassroots campaign in New York!
NYPIRG is hiring students, recent grads, and other passionate, motivated activists to work with our community outreach program in our urgent fight against the climate crisis. Scientists warn that current emissions are pushing our climate towards dangerous tipping points as soon as 2040, but too many politicians take too little action, and fossil fuel companies continue to pollute. Since 1976, our community outreach staff have been building the grassroots movement to hold elected leaders accountable, end fossil fuel dependency, and bring climate polluters to justice. Apply today to work with New York’s leading environmental organization!
  • Locations: Albany, Buffalo, Huntington, Ithaca, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse
  • Pay: $17.25 per hour (New York City and Huntington offices) / $16.25 per hour (all other offices)
  • Benefits: Health coverage and paid vacation
  • Opportunities for advancement: For qualified individuals

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